Pre-Installation Check List for

Municipal Meetings: Schedules & Agendas

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Before a representative from Minuteman Digital comes to your site to install a Live Display running our Municipal Meeting: Schedules & Agendas software, certain infrastructure details must be established by you, the client. These include:

  1. Once you have decided to purchase Municipal Meeting: Schedules & Agendas, you should contact Minuteman Digital ( or (617) 213–0007) and ask the representative to set up an account for your Town on our Operations page.
  2. Once your account has been set up, identify people who will fill three roles in your town who can interact with Minuteman Digital:
    1. Primary administrative contact
    2. OnSite assistance contact
    3. IT Technical assistance contact
For each of these people, and it is very possible that one or two people might fill all of the roles, we will need their telephone number and email address. Once your town has been entered onto our Operations page, you should click on the contact link for your town in the red create column and enter information about these people.
  1. Once you have decided to purchase Municipal Meeting: Schedules & Agendas, you should discuss with a Minuteman Digital representative the process which you currently use for announcing open meetings on your existing town website. Included in this conversation should be a discussion about how your are going to capture agendas for upcoming meetings.
  2. At the location where the Media Player (and most likely the Display) are located, there must be a wired connection to your local area network (Ethernet). Although it is possible to connect to a Media Player using wireless communications, we find that wired communication is much more reliable for non-stop operation.
  3. At this same location there must be two 110V AC receptacles for powering the Display and the Media Server.
  4. Once these items have been completed, please schedule a time with Minuteman Digital at the contacts above to complete your installation.

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