Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If I already have a web-based calendar system on my website, do I have to change anything?
No. Our system reads meeting information from your existing website calendar and creates the displays from that information. We currently support several popular City and Town Municipal website systems and are prepared to add others as needed.
  1. What happens of the power goes out? What are your Service Level Agreements (SLAs)?
Our media player is configured to start up automatically and resume displaying meeting information. Depending on the display used, the display may or may not turn on when the power is restored. We host our service on a world-wide Internet Service Provider (ISP). We pass through the excellent SLAs provided by our ISP.
  1. Can the display be outside?
Companies do manufacture all-weather displays, and charge a premium for these devices. Our media player can be connected with cables to such displays. We feel it is risky to put the media player in an area exposed to the elements.
  1. How much does this product cost?
There are two components to the cost:
  1. The initial cost which includes hardware and the first year’s subscription to the information feed.
  2. Subsequent years subscription fee for the information feed.
Details of the current pricing can be see on the Products page of our website.
  1. Does this product collect information for upcoming meetings and schedule locations for meetings?
No, although we are looking to develop and additional product that will do this and work with our Live Display: Meeting Schedules and Agendas product.

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